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Sony XAV-65
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Monitor TypeSelects an aspect ratio suitable for the connected monitor.(The screen aspect ratio of this unit also changes.)Depending on the disc, [Letterbox] may be selected automatically instead of [Pan Scan], and vice versa.Unit status: No source selectedVideo CD PBCUnit status: No source selected

Auxiliary Audio/Video


You can connect up to an optional device, such as a portable media player, game console, etc., to the AUX terminal on the unit.

1 Press HOME, then touch [AUX].

The AUX playback display appears.Be sure to adjust the volume for the connected device before playback.

1 Reduce the volume on the unit.

2 Press HOME, then touch [AUX].

The AUX playback display appears.

3 Touch to open the menu, then touch

[Input Level].

4 Set your usual listening volume on the


5 Touch –/+ repeatedly to adjust the level.

The level is adjustable in single steps, between –10 and +15.By setting the type (video or audio) of each connected device, the background screen can be switched accordingly.

1 Press HOME, then touch [AUX].

2 Touch [Front] or [Rear].

[Front] is available only for audio.

3 When selecting [Rear], touch to open

the menu, then touch [AUX Input].

4 Touch [Audio], [Video] or [Auto].

The default setting is [Auto].To return to the previous display, touch .Option Purpose
16:9 () To display a wide picture.
Suitable when connecting to a wide-screen monitor or a monitor with a wide mode function.Letterbox To display a wide picture with bands on the upper and lower positions of the screen.Suitable when connecting to a 4:3 screen monitor.Pan Scan To display a wide picture on the entire screen and automatically cut off the portions that do not
Option Purpose
OFF, ON () To play a VCD with PBC

Additional Information

Selecting an auxiliary device

Adjusting the volume level

Setting the type of device

Sony XAV-65

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Sony XAV-65 especificaciones

Marca Sony
Modelo XAV-65
Producto Radio de coche
EAN 27242867758, 4905524933277
Idioma Español, Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF

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