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Enox AIL-2519S2DVD
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manualEnox AIL-2519S2DVD
4 Mounting holes
Screw size M4 x 8

Remote contr cations

Type Infrared
Control distance 5m
Control angle 30 degrees (Horizontal)
Batteries 2 x 1.5V, Size AAA
Dimensions 48 x 193 x 20mm
Weight 120g (without batteries)

Wall Mounting

This unit is VESA-Compliant and designed to be wall
mounted with a VESA-Compliant 100mm x 100 mm
mounting kit. Mount this unit according to the instruc-
tions of the wall bracket (not supplied)

Waste Electrical Recycling

Correct disposal of Product

This sign indicates that this product may not
be disposed of with your regular household
waste. The recycling and separate collection
of such products is your responsibility. Please
drop off the above mentioned waste at a
designated place for recycling waste electri-
cal and electronic equipment. If you do not know where
to drop off your waste equipment for recycling, please
contact your local city
ce or household waste collec-
tion service.
The crossed out wheeled dust bin symbol
indicates that batteries and /or accumulators
must be collected and disposed of separately
from household waste.
If the battery or accumulator contains more
than the
values of lead (Pb), mercury
(Hg), and/or cadmium (Cd)
in the Bat-
tery Directive (2006/66/EC), then the chemicals
Hg Cd Pb symbols for lead(Pb), mercury (Hg)
and/or cadmium (Cd) will appear below the
crossed out wheeled dust bin symbol.
By participating in separate collection of batteries, you
will help to assure the proper disposal of products and
batteries thus help to prevent potential negative conse-
quences for the environment and human health.
For more detailed information about the collection and
recycling programmes available in your country, please
contact your local city
ce or the shop where you pur-
chased this product.
This appliance complies with European Safety
and Electrical directives.
It the following EU regulations:
EN55020: 2007
EN61000-3-2: 2006 EN61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001+A2:2005
1. The stand base and stand stem must be removed.
2. Please follow the instructions of how to apply the
stand (included in the gift box), if you have already
attached the TV stand read the instructions in reverse
order to detach.
3. Be sure the stand stem is removed (unscrew 4
screws at the stem).
4. Use four machine screws to mount the TV on the


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