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manualDuracell Jump-Starter 900

Portable Emergency Jump-starter

1. Features

1: Emergency light
2: Battery Level button and
USB on/off switch
on the battery level indicator.
Turns on power to the USB
charge port
3: LED fuel gauge. Battery
level indicator shows
battery fuel level.
4: USB charge port.
Supplies up to 2.1 Amps
of charging power for your
USB devices.
5: 12V DC power socket
powers 12V DC devices and
6: Emergency light
provides bright LED
illumination in dark locations.
7: Jump-starter ON/OFF
8: Negative jump starting
connects to the
battery terminal OR
engine block
(see Section 6)
9: AC battery charger port
recharges the jump-starter’s
internal battery from a
standard AC wall outlet.
AC power cord
11: Positive jump starting
connects to the
battery terminal (see
Section 6)

2. Important Safety Information

Misusing or incorrectly connecting the Duracell
jump-starter may damage other equipment or
create hazardous conditions for users.
The jump-starting clamps may spark if touched together. Always keep the clamps in their
storage holsters when they are not being used.

3. Charging/Recharging the Jump-starter

Charge before rst use


Prior to using the jump-starter for the rst time, ensure that the battery of the jump-starter is
fully charged. If the battery has been fully discharged, charging with the AC battery charger
may take up to 12 hours.
Charging with the internal charger
Charging with the internal charger is a true “plug-in-and-forget” charging method. We
recommend leaving the AC battery charger connected when the jump-starter is not in use.
1. Disconnect any USB and 12V DC appliances from the DC power outlets.
2. Insert the included AC cord end into the AC cord input port, then plug AC cord into a
standard AC wall outlet.
3. The charging LED shows the charging status.
4. Recharging time should be approximately 12 hours if the jump-starter battery is fully

7. Maintenance

Routine maintenance is required to keep your Duracell
jump-starter operating properly.
Occasionally clean the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated dust
and dirt.


Disconnect all sources of AC power and DC power before performing any type of
Battery maintenance
All rechargeable batteries gradually discharge when left standing, and you need to recharge
them periodically to maintain maximum battery capacity. The charger within the jump-starter
is designed to regulate the charging process, ensuring that the battery is always fully charged
but never overcharged. To ensure safe recharging and maximum battery life, recharge the
jump-starter only with the supplied charger or approved battery charger.


Due to inherent self-discharge, lead acid batteries must be charged at least every 3
months, especially in a warm environment. Leaving a battery in a discharged state, or not
recharging every 3 months, may result in permanent battery damage and poor jump-
starting performance.


Do not attempt to recharge the jump-starter battery if it is frozen. Gradually warm the frozen
battery to 32 °F (0 °C) before recharging.

8. Specications

Electrical specications

12V DC section
Internal battery type Sealed/non-spillable, AGM
(Absorbed Glass Mat) lead-acid
Internal battery voltage (nominal) 12V DC
Internal battery capacity (minimum) 12Ah
DC power socket (maximum continuous
11A with automatic reset
Battery charging controller
AC input voltage 100 - 240V AC
Nominal output voltage 12V DC
Empty load power < 0.35W
Safety certications / efciency

Physical specications

Length 13.6" (34.4 cm)
Width 6.8" (17.3 cm)
Height 9.8" (24.9 cm)
Weight 12.6 lbs. (5.72 kg)


If you keep the jump-starter in storage, the battery will discharge over time. Remember to
recharge the battery every three months to keep the jump-starter operational.

4. Checking the Jump-Starter’s Battery Level

To check the battery’s charge level, press the Battery Level button. The digital readout will
display the approximate charge level.
Note: The level is approximate. You may see sudden small changes up to 20%
when loads are applied or removed, this is only due to voltage changes and does not
indicate sudden drops in charge state. It is recommended to maintain a full charge
on the jump-starter at all times for optimal jump starting and device charging.
Note: Battery Fuel Gauge status is only accurate when the jump-starter has been
disconnected from all appliances and all charging sources for 15 minutes.

5. Using the Jump-Starter’s Light / Power Ports

Using the built-in light
The Duracell
jump-starter has a built-in emergency light to provide a safe, bright work light on
the roadside and in other outdoor environments.
1. Push the "Emergency Light" button to turn on the LED light.
2. When done, push the "Emergency Light" to turn the LED light off.
Using the USB port
The USB port provides up to 2.1 Amps of power to charge cell phones, smartphones, tablets
and other devices.
To charge USB devices:
1. Connect your USB device (smartphone, tablet etc.) to the USB port using the USB cable
supplied with your device.
2. Push the “Battery Level USB on/off” button.
3. Charging will start and up to 2.1 Amps of current can be supplied by the port. The USB
device controls the amount of current supplied.
4. The USB port never “pushes” more current than required by the devices.
5. Push the “Battery Level USB on/off” button again when done to turn the USB port off.
Using the 12V DC power socket
The jump-starter can operate 12V DC appliances that draw 11A or less.


The DC power outlet does not automatically switch off when the internal battery is
discharged. Check the battery status periodically to prevent total battery discharge.
To operate a 12V DC appliance:
1. Open the protective cover on the jump-starter’s DC power socket.
2. Plug the 12V DC appliance into the DC power outlet on the side of the unit, and turn the
12V DC appliance on (if required).
3. Fully recharge the jump-starter as soon as possible after each use.
4. As the DC power socket is internally wired directly to the jump-starter’s battery, extended
operation of a 12V DC appliance may result in excessive battery discharge. See
“Caution: Equipment Damage” above.

6. Jump-Starting A Vehicle’s Engine

You can use the Duracell
jump-starter with the supplied jump-start cables to jump-start a
vehicle or boat engine that has a 12V starting battery.


Never allow jump-start cables’ red and black clamps to touch each other or another
common metal conductor. This could cause damage to the unit and/or create a sparking/
explosion hazard.


Jump-start cable clamps’ connection to the vehicle’s battery terminals must be positive
to positive (red clamp to battery “+”) and negative to engine block. A reverse polarity
connection (positive to negative) may cause damage to the unit and/or create a sparking/
explosion hazard.


Do not crank the engine for more than 4 seconds. The jump-start feature is designed for
short term operation only. Operating the jump-start feature for more than 4 seconds may
cause damage to the unit. Allow the jump-starter to cool down for at least 30 seconds after
each jump-start.
To jump-start a vehicle engine:
1. Turn OFF the vehicle or boat ignition and all accessories.
2. Engage the park or emergency brake and place the transmission in park for an
automatic or neutral for a manual.
3. If jump-starting a boat engine, purge the engine compartment and bilge of all fumes.
4. Position the jump-starter on a at, stable surface near the battery and away from all
moving parts of the engine.
5. Make sure the red jump-starter switch is in the OFF position then connect the red
positive (+) clamp of the cables to the positive (+) terminal of the engine battery. The
battery’s positive terminal is usually larger in diameter than the negative terminal. In
most vehicles, the battery’s positive terminal has a red wire connected to it. (Refer to
your vehicle’s owner manual).
6. Connect the black negative (–) clamp of the cables to the negative battery terminal,
engine block, cylinder head, or other stationary heavy metal part of the motor.
7. Correct polarity must be established before proceeding. Re-check your connections
before starting your engine. If the clamps are reversed, an alarm will sound and
“CLAMPS REVERSED” LED illuminate. Disconnect the jump-start clamps from the
vehicle’s battery and redo steps 5 and 6 in this procedure.
8. Before starting the engine, make sure the jump-starter and the cables are clear of belts
and fans.
9. Turn the jump-starter switch to the ON position and turn over the engine for 4 seconds or
until it starts, whichever is rst.
10. Turn the jump-starter switch to the OFF position and remove the red positive (+) clamp
and then the black negative (–) clamp from the vehicle.
11. Store the jump-start clamps in the appropriate holder on each side of the jump-starter.


If you keep the jump-starter in storage, the battery will discharge over time. Remember to
recharge the battery every three months to keep the jump-starter operational.
Red POSITIVE (“+”)
”) clamp
connects to the negative battery
terminal OR
metal part of car
(block, cylinder, etc)


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Marca Duracell
Modelo Jump-Starter 900 | DRJS30
Producto Batería
EAN 0609525764628
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo Manual de usuario (PDF)
Tecnología de batería Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA)
Capacidad de batería 12000 mAh
Voltaje de la pila 12 V
Color del producto Black,Red
Número de baterías incluidas 1 pieza(s)
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 173 mm
Profundidad 344 mm
Altura 249 mm
Peso 5720 g
Ancho 173 mm
Profundidad 344 mm
Altura 249 mm
Peso 5720 g
Control de energía
Tecnología de batería Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA)
Voltaje de la pila 12 V
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